1. Wow! How cool is this? I made it to Baylor and what did I find? The coolest reception ever. Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement. I’ll post more later.


  2. Click on the link above to follow my progress.


  3. Day 23

    I just pulled into Bellville after almost twelve hours of pedaling. What a day! This was the biggest day I’ve ridden so far (118). Today had a little of everything: heat, humidity, a flat with a torn sidewall (on my spare tire), I got lost leaving Austin (picture Michael Scott following his GPS into the lake), a road construction reroute, and with only four miles to go- it started to rain. All said, it was a good day. I’m excited for tomorrow; only 67 miles and I’m done. The best part is, I get to see Sandy.

  4. Day 23: The riding is good. The heat is oppressive.


  5. Day 23

    It’s 6am and I’m getting ready to roll out. This is going to be a big day. The mileage, hills, heat, and humidity will all play an important role. If all goes well I’ll end the day in Bellville. I had a very relaxing day at my friend Tom’s house while in Austin and feel recharged and ready for this final push.


  6. My good friend Todd (www.toddmeier.com) takes incredibly good photos. The above link will take you to his tumblr account. He has some pics from when he joined me on the first two days.

  7. A few days ago, I had mentioned that I had an interesting experience at the Texas RV Park in Big Spring. I’m relaxing in Austin for the day and I have the time to tell the story.
    The above pics aren’t too glamorous but they help tell the story (I’ll give you the short version):I go about setting my tent up in the pet/tent area. Things seem fine and I’m about to go to bed when a surprise wind blows down the tent and BIG rain begins to fall. I desperately reconfigure the tent from the inside and ponder the rain while the lightning and thunder become increasingly worrisome. The rain continues and I soon discover that when pressing down on the tent floor it feels like a waterbed. I look outside of the tent (one of the pics above) and discover that the tent area is a low spot at the RV Park and now 3-4 inches deep in water; my possessions are either submerged or floating. I’m now a bit panicked and quickly catalogue my options. So, I jump outside the tent, becoming instantly soaked, pick up my tent like a duffle bag, and run for cover. Leaving my bike and trailer, with most of my belongings, behind in the tent/pond area. I’m already wet so I make a quick dash to rescue the rest of my gear. All is saved but where will I stay for the night? The only dry place I can find- the laundry room. I bed down on the linoleum floor and finally fall asleep around midnight with the pungent smell of fabric softener in the air. I’m soon up at 5:30, super motivated to hit the road, and leave the Texas RV Park in my rearview mirror.


  8. Shout Out

    I’d like to give a big shout out to BCM. The support I’ve received from faculty, alumni, administrators, and fellow classmates has been overwhelming. In 72 hrs orientation will begin, and as someone kindly said, “the work really begins.” However, I will not be embarking on this next adventure alone. During my interview for the O & P program, the notion of family, specifically the “Baylor family”, came up multiple times. Throughout this trip I have received support and encouragement from the Baylor community and I now know that it wasn’t just talk but a heart felt sentiment. This support has be quite amazing considering I haven’t even made it to Houston (but I’m close). I am looking forward to meeting the members of the “Baylor family” and specifically my cohorts in the O & P program. We are on the cusp of great things.

  9. I have seen my first scorpion (yes, Alba, you were right).

  10. Day 21: The Holzers have been very gracious hosts. Thank you John and Anne.

  11. Day 21: This is what I thought Texas would look like before I got to Texas—longhorn cattle in a grassy field with a picturesque barn in the background surrounded by scrub oak.

  12. Day 21: Here are a few pictures of the hill country outside of Austin. The latter half of the day took me on some nice back roads with little traffic. Thanks for the suggestion Tom.

  13. Day 21: Morning in hill country; I think I would have enjoyed it more if the wind wasn’t trying to blow me back to Idaho, but still very nice. I’m grabbing a bite to eat in Fredericksburg then I’m heading east. So long 87, it’s been fun.

  14. Day 20: The landscape has changed now that I’m in hill country. I wasn’t sure when hill country would begin but considering that the last 25 miles of today were increasingly hillier- I think I have arrived.

  15. Day 20: I also passed through Brady today. Brady is the official center of Texas (yes, it was made official in 1923) or the “heart” of Texas (I don’t know if that’s official).